Gili Nanggu In Sekotong: The Not-So-Secret Tropical Island

Michael Sy A Foek | December 3, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Sekotong

We arranged for a half-day trip to Gili Nanggu, one of the small islands in front of the coast of South-West Lombok and more »

Cocotinos Sekotong: Comfort And Luxury In South-West Lombok

Michael Sy A Foek | December 3, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Sekotong

After trekking through the northern and southern slopes of Mount Rinjani in Senaru and Tetebatu, island-hopping to the Gilis in the east of the more »

Pringgasela: A Delicious Local Lunch In A Lombok Weaving Village

Michael Sy A Foek | November 26, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Pringgasela

After finishing our hike in Tetebatu, we went to the small village of Pringgasela to learn about traditional weaving (songket) in local Lombok weaving community more »

Tetebatu: Hiking Through A Scenic And Traditional Area

Michael Sy A Foek | November 22, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Tetebatu

Tetebatu is a relatively lesser-known little village in the east of Lombok. It is located more or less 600 meters above sea level on more »

East-Lombok: Giant Trees And Traditional Pottery In Masbagik

Michael Sy A Foek | November 21, 2015 | Gili Kondo, Indonesia, Lombok, Tetebatu

Our tropical island-hopping trip to Gili Kapal and Gili Kondo was a ton of fun and we arrived safe and tanned back in the more »

Tropical Island-Hopping In Lombok: Gili Kondo & Gili Kapal

Michael Sy A Foek | November 20, 2015 | Gili Kondo, Indonesia, Lombok

Our time in Senaru was up. It was time to make our way to the eastern parts of Lombok. And in the early morning we more »

The Tiu Kelep Waterfall In Lombok: Otherworldly And Beautiful

Michael Sy A Foek | November 19, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Senaru

The second waterfall in this area, named Tiu Kelep, requires another 20-30 minute hike along a small path and across an aqueduct. The name of more »

The Healing Waterfall: Sendang Gile In Lombok

Michael Sy A Foek | November 18, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Senaru

Our Panorama Walk trekking trip in Senaru ended at the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls, both located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. The more »

Mount Rinjani: Panorama Walk Around The Slopes Of Senaru

Michael Sy A Foek | November 17, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Senaru

Senaru is a small mountainous town located in north Lombok in the Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (Mount Rinjani National Park), roughly a 3-4 hour car more »

Rinjani Mountain Garden: A Rural Experience In Lombok

Michael Sy A Foek | November 14, 2015 | Indonesia, Lombok, Senaru

Staying at the Rinjani Mountain Garden in Senaru was an interesting experience to say the least. Its location is magnificent. The hotel is situated high on top of more »

Padang Bai: Crossing The Sea To Lombok

Michael Sy A Foek | November 14, 2015 | Bali, Candidasa, Indonesia, Lombok

Our plan was to get to Lombok. And as we were located in Candidasa, we decided to travel to Lombok from Padang Bai. Padang Bai more »