Cocotinos Sekotong: Comfort And Luxury In South-West Lombok

Cocotinos Sekotong: Comfort And Luxury In South-West Lombok

After trekking through the northern and southern slopes of Mount Rinjani in Senaru and Tetebatu, island-hopping to the Gilis in the east of the island, and experiencing old traditional Sasak pottery and weaving techniques in various villages, we spent our last few days in Lombok relaxing in Cocotinos Sekotong, a boutique resort in the South-western parts of the island.

We loved staying at Cocotinos Sekotong. Our beach villa was spacious, neatly designed and decorated, and was equipped with everything imaginable to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Both the two rooms in the beachfront villa had a large king-size bed, and a salt-water shower, bathtub, and even an optional outdoor shower. The villa was also equipped with a private outdoor pool. The resort was really well maintained and had lots of green.

Besides the private pool at the villas, there is also a large common pool. The pool was great and I think it was heated, as the water was warm throughout the day. It was kind of strange, but nice. Also the water is salty, which I loved. There are various gazebos and sunbeds around the pool where you can relax, read a book, tan, or take a nap. The pool is also right on the beach, so after walking down some steps you can swim in the sea as well.

Cocotinos Sekotong also has a spa, named the Laleina Spa, on the premises. And while I personally did not try it out, my mom and my girlfriend did have a massage and cleansing treatment at this place and said it was amazing. They both loved it. So, I guess it was pretty good. You can have your massage on an elevated floor that is half-outdoor and has an ocean view.

The private beach and sea in front of the Cocotinos Sekotong resort were a little bit disappointing, because the waters were polluted. I swam there a few times and once I used a snorkeling mask in the hope of seeing some fish, but instead I saw so much trash and dirtiness underwater. There were countless plastic bags floating about, old shoes, construction material, and once I even saw a diaper hovering by. It was yucky. Afterwards I did not feel like swimming there any more. I think this is one major area in which the hotel should improve. Clean up the house reef and waters, because it was nasty.

The sunrise on the beach, however, was spectacular. And it provided some amazing views of this part of the island. At times you could even clearly see Mount Rinjani in the far distance. I woke up early almost every day to enjoy the beautiful sight and really quiet environment. Basically it was just me on the beach.

Diving is also possible at Cocotinos Sekotong, but unfortunately I did not try this out as I was still recovering from flu. Instead of diving, we did rent a boat to bring us to a nearby island called Gili Nanggu. I wrote about this cool little island in this article.

On our second day at the hotel, while we were just relaxing around the pool, my mom spotted a macaque monkey (the same species you can find in Ubud’s Monkey Forest or Uluwatu in Bali) near our rooms. It looked quite aggressive, but it soon ran away. Some time later while chilling at the common pool we saw another one and that one came quite close to a little baby, which was a little bit scary. It stole and later returned a little toy car of the baby. The staff later told us that the monkeys like to sleep in our room when there are no guests. Also they are looking for food around the hotel. So, be careful of leaving valuables outside the room as the monkeys can steal is.

There is one restaurant at the hotel. It is a quiet place with dim lights, jazzy music, and I liked the chill atmosphere there. The food was pretty good, quite varied, and really not as expensive as I thought it would be. Because its remote location, there are no other restaurants in the nearby area, so most of the time you will have to dine out in this place.

Cocotinos Sekotong is located in a remote part of Lombok. And as far as I know there aren’t any other resorts in this area of the island, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how look at it. Luckily, the hotel had everything in-house to make a stay wonderful, cozy, relaxing, and memorable. So, I would highly recommend a stay at this place. I might be back there someday to experience the diving in the area as well. And with that our stay in Lombok came to an end, from here we departed to the new international airport to board a plane to Surabaya, and then a plane to Manado in Sulawesi, and then a car, to reach our next destination: Tomohon.

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