The Tiu Kelep Waterfall In Lombok: Otherworldly And Beautiful

The Tiu Kelep Waterfall In Lombok: Otherworldly And Beautiful

The second waterfall in this area, named Tiu Kelep, requires another 20-30 minute hike along a small path and across an aqueduct. The name of the waterfall is taken from the Sasaknese language and means something like “flying pool” (Tiu = pool, Kelep = fly). My mom and girlfriend did not really want to see the second waterfall, so as they waited near a river, I set out with our guide to explore the Tiu Kelep waterfall.

Tiu Kelep is a bit harder to reach than Sendang Gile, as you have to wade through a few rivers, climb some stairs, and make your way over a number of large boulders and rocks. Let me just say that before you set out to appreciate this waterfall that your feet will get wet, so you either have the choice to take off your shoes, or just leave them on. I just left my shoes on, as I can’t hike very fast across a rocky ground with bare feet. Luckily our hike for that day was almost at an end, so walking with wet shoes for a short while did not bother me as much. After a small trek we reached Tiu Kelep and saw that people were everywhere. It was very crowded, as it was a national holiday.

Still, despite the crowds, the Tiu Kelep waterfall is one of the most stunning falls I’ve seen in Indonesia so far. It is otherworldly in its natural beauty and about 45 meters high. There are several little falls that make up the Tiu Kelep and the rocky cliffs alongside the falls are literally covered by beautiful lush vegetation like ferns and other kinds of plants. The basin of the waterfall is a large pool, which you are allowed to swim in if accompanied by a guide. Depending on the weather and season, however, it can be a bit dangerous (I’ve been told). Apparently, during the rainy season, the heavy fall of the water can create a whirlpool that runs quite deep. Getting to the basin is also a bit challenging, as you have to walk over a lot of wet and slippery rocks.

Once we spend some time gazing and oogling at the amazing natural sights of the Tiu Kelep waterfall, we headed back to meet the rest of the party so we could return to the Rinjani Mountain Garden hotel for a shower and a rest. Instead of walking the same way back, we walked through a pitch-black underground tunnel with knee-high water and arrived nearby the first waterfall. The tunnel was made to divert the fresh and cool mountain water to the rice paddies further down the slope of the mountain.

After the tunnel we made our way to the exit of the waterfall area. You get there by going up quite a high stairs (approximately 400 steps). Climbing up these steps was exhausting for us as the final obstacle after hiking for a whole day. However, at the top of the stairs we were greeted by some fresh rujak (fresh fruit with a sweet and spicy sauce) and some cold ice cream.

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