Mount Bromo: The Whispering Sands And The Savannah

Mount Bromo: The Whispering Sands And The Savannah

The third and fourth stops of our Bromo Mountain Tour were located a stone’s throw away from the large Bromo crater.

The Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands) setting is a large “sea of sand” in the middle of the caldera in which the crater and Mount Batok are also located. Apparently, the area received its name due to an Indonesian film that was partially filmed there. The area is actually quite beautiful. Standing there you feel like standing on top of the world as giant white fluffy and marshmallowey clouds pass you by.

Our final stop was at the Savannah, an area near a mountainous wall of the caldera that features some beautiful rolling hills with a lot of vegetation (mostly grass). This place is also sometimes called the Bukit Teletubbies, named after their resemblance to the neat green hills appearing in the famous television show The Teletubbies. It’s a very pretty location and it is neat seeing the clouds roll by right in front of you.

These were the last places we visited during our tour. All in all, we spent around a day traveling from Malang to Mount Bromo. After visiting all the locations we were brought back to the assembly point where we could freshen up. And after visiting Bromo you really want to freshen up since the miniscule volcanic dust will find its way everywhere. Finally, when everything was settled and we said goodbye to our fellow tour members, we departed from the assembly point towards the airport in Surabaya. I regret not taking any photos during the ride back, because there were really some spectacular sights in that area.

A few hours later we were dropped off at the Surabaya airport and made our way back to Jakarta, where we could take a nice long rest and rinse off all the volcanic dust.

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