Plant And Flower Shopping At Pasar Bunga In Malang

Plant And Flower Shopping At Pasar Bunga In Malang

After having our lunch at Toko Oen, we still had half a day left that we could spend exploring the city of Malang. One of our stops was at the Pasar Bunga (Flower Market) in the center of town.

We arrived there in the afternoon, but I would think the morning would be a better time to explore this part of the city. The weather is cooler at that hour, which is useful when you have to traverse the maze that is the Pasar Bunga. Because at times this place really seemed a maze, especially when you go off the main market lanes and walk between the many narrow shops (and houses?). It is so complicated and filled with plants that we almost got lost in that part of the market. It didn’t help that it was basically deserted there besides tons of cats, which all seemed to decide to go for a mass nap when we were there.

The Pasar Bunga is a market of flowers, plants, and all kinds of related gardening materials and tools. Basically everything regarding flora can be found here and it is definitely the place to shop for plants in Malang. From what I understand, it seemed most shops were selling the same kinds of plants though. Seeds for flowers, plants, and vegetables could be acquired as well. But, as someone who loves nature, plants, and all other flora, this was an interesting part of the city and just a fun place to walk through.

Malang’s Pasar Bunga is not a large market, but it is interesting enough to take a look. Just make sure to bring some water, as it can be quite hot between all those plants. And afterwards, or before, you could also take a look at the Pasar Burung (Bird Market), which is located right next door.

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