Picking Fruit At The Kusuma Agrowisata Area In Batu

Picking Fruit At The Kusuma Agrowisata Area In Batu

Malang and its surrounding areas are famous for its agriculture. Travelling through these hilly parts, you undoubtedly will see many orchards and farmlands. And one of the fun activities you can do there is to visit one of these plantations and pick some fruit, which is what we did after visiting the disappointing Museum Angkut in Batu. There are many different plantations there to choose from, some which also offer outbound activities or villa accommodation. We settled for one named the Kusuma Agrowisata Tourism Area.

This large resort area houses numerous large fields with various fruits and vegetables, a hotel, some restaurants, and even a waterpark. However, we only went there for the fruit picking activities.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Kusuma late in the afternoon, the weather became worse and it started to rain quite heavily. Before we went inside, we bought our tickets at the ticket entrance office, where you can select different packages. The more expensive the package, the more fruit you are allowed to pick. We selected a package in which we could pick two guavas and two apples. The fruits you are allowed to take depend on the season. Depending on the time of year it can be apples, guava, buah naga (dragonfruit), salak (snakeskin fruit), oranges, or something else.

The Kusuma plantation provided a friendly high-school student guide, who brought us to the first orchard, where we could pick our guava. She explained how the fruit is grown and cultivated, and also how to select a ripe-looking guava. Finding a guava and picking it is a job you have to do yourself, which is pretty fun. You have to scour the fields and trees for a nice and plump looking one. Usually you will have to go a bit deeper in the orchard, because most of the ripe fruits near the entrance would be taken. The same thing happened with the apples. It’s a very fun activity for young and old. Due to a heavy thunderstorm our apple picking adventure was interrupted and we had to run out of the orchard to find shelter from the rain.

Since the rain spoiled most of the fun, we waited it out in a café at the plantation. There you could order all kinds of Malang specialties, such as nasi goreng apel (apple fried rice) and all other fruit-related food and drinks. Before you leave the place you can visit their souvenir store which is packed with all kinds of fresh fruit related products such as: drinks, chips, snacks, and candies. We bought a few bottles of fresh guava juice which turned out to be very tasty.

Visiting a plantation was quite fun and I would recommend it for sure. There are tons of things you can do in that area and the cool, fresh weather makes it for a nice escape from the hot bustling cities. There are many various fruit picking plantations available. Some are more luxurious and resort-like than others. The very basic ones looked quite interesting too. After our fruit picking session at Kusuma we went back to the Kampong Tourist Hostel. We planned to see the Batu Night Spectacular festival, but the rain was so heavy that we cancelled it. It wouldn’t be so much fun, so we decided to go back there another day. But, before we arrived at the hostel, of course we had to make a stop at the famous Bakso Bakar Pak Man to fill our bellies with some of his meatball-ey goodness. We were just in time since they almost had run out of food.

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