The Museum Angkut In Batu: Not Worth A Visit

The Museum Angkut In Batu: Not Worth A Visit

After visiting the Coban Rondo Waterfall in Batu, we were contemplating what to do next. Our driver suggested we visit the Museum Angkut, which is also located in Batu, and there we could have some lunch as well as there are many food stalls in that area. So, we set off to check this site out.

However, I have to apologize in advance that this short article will probably include some negativity, because this museum was my least favorite part of the Java trip. There was not much that I liked it about and overall it just was not my cup of tea.

The Museum Angkut in Batu was immensely crowded due to the long weekend, which is actually understandable really since it was a holiday, so I’m not going to chalk that one up to the museum itself. What I do blame the Museum Angkut for are the ridiculously high entrance prices. These were extremely high for Indonesian standards. I think the entrance fee was about IDR 80.000 per person and I had to pay an extra IDR 35.000 just to bring my camera inside for some reason. Usually I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for a great museum, but this was just a waste of time.

The Museum Angkut, if you even can call it a museum, consists of several large rooms filled with random vehicles of transportation that range from old cars, to classic motorbikes, planes, and miniature ships. In my mind they seemed to have just been randomly placed around the various rooms and did not offer anything interesting to me. There was no narrative to the pieces on display and they lacked context to the exhibition. Also, to me the cars and motorbikes were not very special either. The main hall is filled with cars and other vehicles, the second floor has a observational platform with a fake space shuttle rocket thingy from which you have a pretty nice view of the area. Then there are several rooms explaining engines (complete with a terrible looking dummy representing Albert Einstein), various replicas of ships, and bicycles.

After walking around for a while, I noticed that most visitors were more occupied with taking the perfect selfie in front of cars instead of the history of the angkut, the Indonesian mini-bus that is a common form of transportation through the cities in the country. But, to be fair to the people, there was hardly any history explained, so taking selfies is basically all you could do there. So much for the museum part and we quickly had enough of the place.

After trying to find the exit, it turned out that there was a large park attached to the museum that we had to walk through before this terrible place released its grasp on us. Afterwards I found out that this place was called the Movie Star Studio. This part of the park was appalling and I quite disliked it. This was just a path through some tacky fake-looking replicas of European countries such as France, Germany, and England (complete with Buckingham Palace), a Hollywood movie studios area (with a terrible looking Jaws replica and a random mural of Notorious BIG), and some other places. There is seriously nothing else to do than to take pictures of yourself or friends in front of a miniature Eiffel Tower or a badly designed statue of a movie character. It all felt so vain and tasteless and that it is just there to take photos. There was no context about the countries or cultures, only some items to take photos with. Ugh. It really felt to me it was a waste of space that could’ve been used so much better and, oh yeah, it also smelled like a sewer in there.

Overall, I would recommend skipping Museum Angkut if you are only in Malang or Batu for a few days. I think your time would be so much better spend just going to an outdoor area where you can enjoy the beautiful natural views these mountain ranges have to offer. Or just do anything else besides going to Museum Angkut.

2 thoughts on “The Museum Angkut In Batu: Not Worth A Visit

  1. I feel the same too. Some people is just more interest on take their photos and don’t really enjoy their trip on purposed. Looks like some people nowdays in indonesia prefer to take a good picture, upload to their social media, show off to everybody they now.

    1. Yep, I think that is unfortunately true. I see that all the time in Indonesia. People are taking selfies or group shots and don’t really care about the sights or history. Social media is quite important for a lot of people here. And Museum Angkut knows this and struck a goldmine. I think we were one of the few who did not enjoy Museum Angkut. Haha.

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