Coban Rondo: The Widow’s Tears Waterfall In Batu

Coban Rondo: The Widow’s Tears Waterfall In Batu

A popular destination around Malang is the mountainous area of Batu. It is about 45 minutes drive by car from the city of Malang. And this elevated resort town offers many interesting places where you can relax and do some sightseeing. The place is quite nice as it is elevated up in the mountains and provides a quite cool climate. The area is known for its agricultural industry (especially apples!) and therefore you can find many orchards growing various fruits and little theme parks dedicated to farming. Apples are everywhere in Malang.

Entrance tickets to the Coban Rondo Waterfall.

We set out early in the morning to check out Batu. We decided to rent a car, because we wanted to cover as many places as we could in a short span of time. During our stay at Kampong Tourist, I read about a tofu factory somewhere in Batu. I thought this would be an interesting place to see and discover, but it turned out a little bit differently. First, the factory was extremely hard to find and was located in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, I was not very sure if we were even at the right place, because when I walked into the factory, everyone was wondering what I was doing there. It was kinda awkward and in the end we left this place. My bad.

After that failed attempt to visit the tofu factory, we went on to a waterfall named Coban Rondo. In the Javanese language, Rondo means widow. And the legend of the waterfall tells the story of a woman named Dewi Anjarwati. She was very beautiful, lovely, and totally awesome. She was married to Baron Raden Kusuma and one day when the couple was travelling they encountered a young man named Joko Lelono who desired to have Anjarwati for himself. This led Baron Raden to hide Anjarwati at the waterfall for her safety. Then, Baron Raden fought with Joko and they both died in the battle. And until this day, it is said that Anjarwati sits on a big stone at the waterfall while waiting the return of her beloved husband.

It’s an interesting tale and what I like about Indonesia is that there are so many of these folktales and legends scattered throughout the island. Pretty much every unique natural location has a legend attached to it. It’s very cool.

As we were there during a long weekend and national holiday, the place was packed. Even the parking lot was quite lively with people buying the popular jagung bakar, or grilled corn, sate, nasi goreng, bakso, and other snacks. Fruit chips, such as apples, were sold every at the entrance to the waterfall. And we also bought some small snacks named cilok, which came in a little plastic bag. Just be careful with bringing food into the park, as there are naughty monkeys (macaques) around the pathways that might be thinking about stealing your food.

Afterwards we set out the see the Coban Rondo waterfall and it was quite a beautiful sight. The water was gushing and the strong wind blew the water from left to right. The rocky walls alongside the waterfall were green with vegetation and provided a very nice view. The waterfall has a drop of 35 meters, which was quite high. There is not much you can do at the waterfall except gaze at the water and beauty, so we left after about half an hour.

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