Bird-Watching In Taman Burung In Jakarta

Bird-Watching In Taman Burung In Jakarta

Taman Burung, which basically means Bird Park in Indonesian, is a park set within Taman Mini. There are several parks in Taman Mini for which you have to pay a separate entrance fee. This bird park, Taman Burung, is one of those. We stumbled upon this place after walking for hours through Taman Mini. Tired with the crowds and traffic, we decided to buy some entrance tickets (IDR 20,000 per person) and try to seek some peace and quiet inside the park. This turned out to be a great decision as this whole experience was fantastic and quite fun.

Entrance tickets to the Taman Burung in Jakarta.

For me, the bird park had a lot of character. Stepping through the entrance gates, it felt like you traveled back to the 1970s. In a way, that was pretty neat. I loved the design of the place, the oldschool-looking large aviaries that occupy most of the park, the little ponds, the bridges, the layout, and the feeling of decades gone-by. Even though Taman Mini was crowded, Taman Burung was surprisingly empty for a Saturday. I think we lucked out and caught it on a good day.

You explore Taman Burung through various paths. You may walk to wherever you want, through the aviaries or outside them and along birdcages. The place is relatively clean, and well-maintained overall. The variety of birds is mostly Indonesian, but there is also an ostrich and a cassowary. We liked looking at the cassowary, because is awesome and the cassowary is seriously just a living dinosaur. Spectacular animal with some killer feet and claws.

Unfortunately, some of the birdcages were a bit too crowded and some birds were also sickly looking. Which was quite sad to see. Also, there were a ton of rats in the place. I didn’t notice them at first, but after spotting one I saw them everywhere. But as a whole, the park is quite scenic and can make for some cool photographic spots.

I’d recommend the place if you are Taman Mini. It’s cheap and a fun place to kill a few hours.

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