The Lovely Takapala Waterfall In Malino, Sulawesi

The Lovely Takapala Waterfall In Malino, Sulawesi

Since our time in Malino was somewhat short, we only had time to see a few locations in the surrounding area. We decided to go mountainbiking, but before we set off to the starting point of our biking trip, we visited the Takapala Waterfall (Indonesian: Air Terjun Takapala).

The Takapala Waterfall is quite popular with couples and lovebirds, because it is supposedly to bring good fortune in the areas of love, matchmaking, and marriage. Unfortunately, out arrival at the waterfall was during the height of the dry season and the water was very shallow. This resulted in more of a trickle waterfall and gushing one. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty sight, worth a visit, and a lot of fun. Apparently, during the rainy season, the waterfall will be even more spectacular. Still, it was pretty crowded during our visit.

Getting to the Takapala Waterfall is an adventure on its own. You will have to traverse a very rocky road, and you will encounter many other tourists, some touts, and various souvenir shops, while dodging and avoiding speeding cars and motorbikes. I didn’t go all the way to the basin of the waterfall, but it was still a very interesting experience. And now I can mark another waterfall of my list. We recently also visited the Coban Rondo Waterfall in Malang, Java, which was quite nice as well.

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