Relaxing In Mountainous Malino, Sulawesi

Relaxing In Mountainous Malino, Sulawesi

If you ever find yourself wanting to escape the hectic environment of a city, and you happen to be in South Sulawesi, then you could consider visiting the small mountain town of Malino. This mountainous resort is the perfect weekend getaway from a busy city like Makassar. It is not too far removed from the capital city, and it offers all the advantages of escaping a busy environment.

Malino became famous through the 1946 Malino Conference, which was held during the Indonesian National Revolution. Since then, the remote mountain town has grown to become a resort area where many people come to find peace, quietness, outdoor activities, and cooling, fresh air.

After travelling and diving in the Togian Islands, we decided to go to Malino for a few days. Depending on the traffic, the ride is about two hours from the airport in Makassar. We were lucky that we made it to our destination, since it turned out that there was a huge shortage of fuel in the region. Almost all gas stations were out of fuel and cars and trucks were queued up in long lines in the hope a truck filled with gas would arrive. In the end, we had to resort to buying gas from a local shop-owner along a road. It was a unique experience and in the end we made it to our destination. And the ride towards Malino was very scenic, beautiful, and brought us through quaint towns, the mountains, and high elevated pine forests.

Malino to Makassar is similar to Puncak to Jakarta. It is a hillside getaway town that is popular in the weekends and holidays for people from Makassar. Popular activities include outbound (group outdoor activities such as games, camping, hiking), mountain biking, trekking, or relaxing and enjoying the fresh cool air. The views in Malino are spectacular as the many beautiful green rice fields, scenic distant mountains, and lush forests make this a very pretty place.

All in all, I would highly recommend staying in Malino for a day or two if you have time. It’s a wonderful place and a perfect town to expect the heat from the lower lands.

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