Mountain Biking Through The Hills Of Malino, Sulawesi

Mountain Biking Through The Hills Of Malino, Sulawesi

After visiting the scenic Takapala Waterfall, which was located in the same area, we set out to the starting point of our mountain biking tour through the hills and mountains of Malino. We arrived and saw our bikes setup and ready to go.

It turned out that mountain biking in Malino was quite a workout. There are a few very steep hills you had to go up, and as someone who doesn’t bike too much anymore, this was quite difficult. On multiple occasions we had to dismount our bikes to walk up the hills. Beforehand we were told this was supposed to be quite a relaxing and easy route, but it really wasn’t. It was quite tough. And that is the only negative I have regarding the experience. A more realistic description of the tour would be preferred and we could have set our minds in preparation accordingly. However, the stunning views and experiences during the ride were so much fun and made everything worth it.

Our guide led us through small Indonesian villages called kampungs, along amazing scenic rice fields, up and down hills, and finally to the finish line where a delicious local lunch was waiting for us. We were offered a variety of Indonesian food, including chicken, rice, vegetables, tempe and tofu, and some fresh fried bananas, also known as the legendary pisang goreng in Indonesia.

The bike ride was really fun and everywhere we arrived, we were greeted by waving and cheering children and older people. They were all so very friendly and welcoming to us. They must have been thinking what are these crazy tourists doing during such an extremely sunny and hot day biking through the hills. While the activity was intense, it was a great experience eventually. The ride took about half a day and afterwards we got plenty of rest during our ride back to Makassar.

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