The Underwater Diving Paradise Of The Togian Islands

The Underwater Diving Paradise Of The Togian Islands

Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful aquatic areas including the Togian Islands. Diving in the Togian Islands is one of the best things I have done during any travel. Tropical coral reefs filled with an abundance of marine life can be found in many areas around the island nation. To experience the most of these areas, you really have to do some diving though, because nothing compares to seeing these amazing animals by yourself underwater. Their variety, colours, shapes, patterns, behaviors, and uniqueness is unrivalled and so beautiful.

During my trip in November 2014, I dived 14 times in the Walea area. We planned to dive about 2/3 times per day. Two dives in the morning and one in the afternoon. For the first two dives we took a boat out to another dive site, and the third dive was usually at the house reef of the dive resort. The house reef could easily compete with many other dive sites. It was very pristine and beautiful and huge.

The diving was amazing. Our dive guide Paulus was professional, friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable and quite funny as well. He made our trip very memorable and helped taking many of the underwater photos as well. My thanks go out to him and if you ever go to Walea, definitely ask to have him as a guide.

The marine life in the waters around the Togian Islands was spectacular. I’ve collected some of my underwater photos in this post and this other one. The sheer diversity and beauty of the place is very hard to capture on camera. This is one of those places that you have to see for yourself to believe. I am still somewhat new to underwater photography and the white balance in some photos is kind of messed up. Only halfway through my dives I realised how to measure the white balance and how to set it.

Update July 2015: Apparently, due to a conflict with the local government, the resort has closed down. Which is really sad to hear and I am afraid that the natural area around these Togian Islands will not be same anymore. I want to thank Walea and its staff for the amazing time we had over there, and their efforts regarding the preservation of the centuries old pristine reefs.

Dear guests,
With broken heart we announce you that we won’t be able to provide our services after Easter 2015 due to an unsolvable conflict with the local government about the management of the Marine Protected Area. Unfortunately we can no longer offer our services since we can’t assure a peaceful and comfortable environment. Therefore the resort and the protected area will be closed to the public until further news.

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