The Togian Islands: Getting There

The Togian Islands: Getting There

After visiting Tana Toraja, we planned to visit the tropical Togian Islands (sometimes spelled Togean). This archipelago is located just of the coast of Central Sulawesi and in the Gulf of Tomini. The Togian Islands are extremely close to the equator, which results in a very steady warm climate throughout the year and lands covered with lush, green tropical rainforests.

However, to reach the islands, you must be prepared to make an effort. From our hotel in Tana Toraja we had to travel back to Makassar by car first, which took around eight hours. From Makassar we boarded an airplane to a small remote town named Luwuk in Central Sulawesi. After our arrival in Luwuk, we hopped in another car and drove for two hours to the harbor from which we started a two-hour journey by speedboat to the islands. Getting to the Togian Islands, however, is totally worth all the trouble. And, really, the view along the way is spectacular.

The Togian Islands are home to an indigenous ethnic group of people called the Bajo. They are nomadic and rely on fishing for their livelihoods. They occupy varies islands of the archipelago. They are born and raised on the water. You can visit their kampung or community and experience their way of life.

The real star of the Togian Islands, besides the white powder sandy beaches and the relaxing tropical atmosphere, is the underwater world surrounding the islands. Pristine coral reefs and abundant and varied beautiful marine life awaits the visitor to these parts of the world. Diving and snorkeling is stunning there.

The area is not only stunningly gorgeous during the day; at night you can experience a night sky that is amazingly beautiful. So many stars and galaxies are visible above the dark sea.

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